Niklas Turmann


Name: Niklas Turmann
Instrument: Vocals, Guitar
Date of birth: Feb. 5, 1982
Lives in: Hannover

Other Bands/Projects:

  • Uli Jon Roth
  • Peter Panka’s Jane

Niklas is endorsed by VIBESWARE

Influences: Roth, May, Gilmore, Hendrix, Clapton, Blackmore, Kotzen, Petrucci, diMeola, Verheyen, Bettencourt, Bonamassa and many more.

Top 12 albums (in alphabetical order):

  • Beatles „White Album“ (could be any other Album)
  • Boston „Boston“
  • Carl Verheyen „Atlas Overload“
  • Dream Theater „Scenes from a Memory“
  • Extreme „III Sides To Every Story“
  • Genesis „Selling England by the Pound“
  • Muse „Absolution“
  • Pink Floyd „Wish you were here“ (could be „the wall“ or „the dark side…“ as well)
  • Queen „Live at Wembley `86“
  • Rory Gallagher „Irish Tour `74“
  • Spocks Beard „V“
  • Supertramp „Crime of the Century“

Gear: mainly Rockinger Strats and Marshall Amps (sometimes various effects from Boss, Dunlop, tc electronic, etc…)